Thibaut Texture Resource 6 Wallpaper

Thibaut continue to refine the choice for interior designers and the world of interiors with another collection that encompasses surface with texture and tone, Thibaut Texture Resource Volume 6. Thibaut's embossed vinyl wallcoverings have a tactile, textured surface, giving both depth and dimension. They are seamless, durable, fully cleanable and resilient, with the appearance of a natural wallcovering. With some imitation cork wallcovering in the form of Burlwood Block, and some standout geometric designs like the trellis of Café Weave Trellis and Promenade the collections holds nine designs with various colour options. Imitation sisal and seagrass wallcoverings with different surface finishes gives you plenty of options when selecting a textured wallcovering for your home interiors. What is different in this range is these designs are not only sold by the roll, but also as super wide width wallpaper by the meter, great for cutting out waste. This is an ultimate collection of high-performance wallcoverings. Ideal for commercial and residential application, these wallpapers are durable enough to withstand high-traffic areas like hallways, bathrooms, and children’s rooms. The embossed vinyls have a tactile, textured surface which gives depth and dimension that cannot be achieved with paint. These Thibaut wallcoverings have the added bonus of being resistant to stains of many types, and as mentioned previously these wallpapers can be cleaned and scrubbed with most household cleaning products, enabling them to last for many years.
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