Thibaut Surface Resource Wallpaper

Surface texture can make a lasting impression, especially on the walls of your home, and the Thibaut Surface Resource Wallpaper range, is aimed to do just that make a lasting impression on either a statement wall or the full four walls. From subtle textures that add gentle style, to bold patterns for dramatic dimension, this collection of wallcoverings is a next-level resource for inspiring spaces, and if you do not know Thibaut has a highly successful range of volume resources. With abstract designs like the Prisma Wallpaper, Amato and Sierra that exude modern sophistication, to standout geometric papers like Tappeto, Easom Trellis and Martello. Wood textures can be found in the Inyo Wood design and Nira Wallpaper, while fabric textures are represented in the form of their Baldwin Herringbone and perhaps the more versatile Artessa Weave. Aster is a fun looking floral paper design. Twelve designs in total to explore in the Thibaut Surface Resource Wallcovering range which really has it all a collection of subdued modern, luxe and stylish simple refined designs that walk the line of luxury sophistication for your home interior and decor.

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