Thibaut Faux Resource Wallpaper

Thibaut Faux Resource wallpapers is a collection of wallcoverings that are realistic interpretations of patterns like snake skin, grasscloth, marble, and cork. If you are looking for a wild statement wallcovering then this alluring assortment of impressive faux textures and versatile surfaces are perfect to mix and match or use on their own. The Faux resource range has a very useable ten designs in total in a number of colour options, which includes designs such as the snake skin effect of the Boa Wallpaper, that sits alongside two popular texture effects in home interiors and interior design today being Marble as seen in their Treviso Marble design, and faux wood as captured in the Haywood pattern. Varying print techniques and functional colour combinations add dimension and visual interest beyond the first impression to the Thibaut Faux Resource wallcoverings. An in demand design from this range is the Taluk Sisal Wallpaper which is offered in 18 stunning colours and is a Type II vinyl wallcovering. Another popular design from the collection is the Jindo Grass Wallpaper which is gravure printed with a mix of tones and colors on vinyl with a grasscloth emboss. Buy the full range of Thibaut Faux Resource wallpapers online and create a textured statement wall in your home interiors or living space.

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