Thibaut Dynasty Wallpaper

Thibaut Dynasty Wallpapers are infused with the rich history and elegance of Asian culture, but with a modern twist. Designs include blossoming cherry trees and exotic large-scale flora, an architectural bamboo trellis and intricate lattice weave, and painterly scenic toiles filled with lush trees, pagodas, and people. The Honshu Wallpaper is a stand out design of exotic large-scale floral with intricate detail and bold colour options to choose from. It sits alongside other weave and lattice designs as well as the stunning geometric design of Ming Trail. The collection is full of variation and includes the beautiful blossom of their Sakura Wallpaper design which will gracefully soften any interior setting where used. Coordinating print, woven and embroidered fabrics which were inspired by the detail and beauty of a golden age are available to complement these wallcoverings. Each design is found in bold, luxurious colour palettes with bright hues of navy, green, fuchsia, red, and purple to emphasize the fanciful designs of this Thibaut wallcovering range.

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