Sandberg L'Hotel Wallpaper

Sandberg L’Hôtel Wallpaper range is a small and exclusive boutique wallpaper collection where quirkiness plays off classic style and cheeky exclamation marks. The major fashion house meets the tiny, intimate cocktail bar. The collection offers dramatic patterns and powerful colours in an eclectic mix. Think of exclusive velvet curtains, heavy, luxurious scents and exotic palm rum and that is where we are. Discover the dramatic flower display of the wall mural Julie where the bouquet are in that perfect, delicate stage just before they finish blooming and capture that botanical them for your wall that is always floating around the interior design world. Also explore Marions marbled luxurious pattern within this range. The L’Hotel collection also brings in three new versions of the popular Sandberg Raphael wallpaper with back drops in black, red and yellow. The collection also houses a number of wallpaper boarders to complete the job. Sandberg challenge you to dare and think outside the box! The feeling is carefully selected in a wonderful mix. Bienvenue a L’Hôtel!
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