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Romo Etsu Wallpapers

Indulge in the luxurious subtlety of Romo's Etsu Wallcoverings collection. This range brings a sense of refined modernity to your walls, offering intricate details that accentuate the sophisticated textures. Its understated semi-plain designs, presented in a palette of soft and rich metallic tones, result in an extraordinary display of luxury wallpapers. Delve deeper into this collection to experience the elegance that Romo's Etsu Wallpapers offer.

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A new range of textural wallpapers to add to the portfolio Romo Etsu Wallpapers are a stylish collection of understated semi-plain wallcoverings that offers a usable compendium of must have designs. Nine designs in total including the self-titled Etsu, have a while a refined palette of soft shades and rich metallic tones that add another layer of luxury and sophistication to this collection of designs. Anyone looking for a modern, contemporary or urban interior design style would be wise to explore this range of wallcoverings where intricate details are heightened by glimmers and flashes of luxe metallics and fine textures that add an unexpected element to each design. Etsu is embossed vinyl wallcovering with the appearance of a fine woven silk, while other designs like Dufrene and Elkin successfully replicates characteristics of woven fabrics and textural weaves printed on luxurious vinyl with an enticing and unique emboss to provide further dimension to these designer wallpapers. Nyiri stands out for us available in six colourways, with charming metallic spots that gently shimmer across soft pastel shades and elegant neutrals, with an alluring tactile texture that brings an intriguing quality to the design. Whatever your preference explore this latest vinyl wallcovering range from Romo Wallpaper and select the best option for your interior design style.