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Phillip Jeffries Hypnotic Hemp Wallpaper

Be captivated by the intricate artistry of Phillip Jeffries Hypnotic Hemp. This grand waterfall design draws inspiration from complex tile mosaics, offering incredible dimension and colour. Artisans handcraft each piece using an array of colourful grasscloths on metallic grounds, creating a cascading design that stimulates the imagination. It's a striking choice for feature walls in living rooms or entrance halls where you wish to create a strong visual impact.

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Hypnotic Hemp: Add a modern, artistic flair to your space with the Hypnotic Hemp luxury wallcovering. This grand waterfall design features an intricate, handcrafted ombré pattern that is made using a variety of colorful grasscloths. Artisans place each geometric piece on metallic grounds to create a cascading effect that excites the imagination. Phillip Jeffries offers this design for those who want to showcase their bold style while maintaining an air of sophistication.