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Osborne & Little Komodo Wallpapers

Inspired by the wild, Osborne & Little's Komodo collection presents a range of non-woven easy-to-hang wallcoverings, taking cues from the skins of wild animals. Perfect for a bold living room or a luxurious bedroom that seeks a touch of the wild.

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Osborne and Little Komodo Wallpapers are a collection of contemporary designs all printed on a durable non-woven base which takes its main inspiration from the coats and skins of wild animals. Similar themes are to be found in the fabrics of SABI TREVIRA and SABI VELVETS. Why not consider something out of the ordinary with their stunning Komodo wallpaper, an exotic lizard printed on holographic foil to glittering jewel encrusted effect. If you like animal prints and patterned wallpaper then the Cobra Wallcovering, a stylised interpretation of a cobra that includes two holographic foil colourways or the Boa Wallpaper, an effective imitation of snakeskin with a vinyl coating would be a perfect choice. Check also the Quagga Wallpaper, a mid scale Zebra hide with a vinyl coating and the Panthera Wallcovering, printed in relief to evoke the coat of a wild big cat. Non-woven easy-to-hang wallcoverings online and available to buy.