Omexco Portfolio Wallpaper

Omexco Portfolio wallpapers explore the sophistication of textile wallcoverings in fine form. The form that follows the creative process of the careful selection of fibres, the spinning and dying of yarns to the realization of the final luxury textile wallcovering, this Portfolio explores a variety of textures, materials and finishes. Finishes that add sophisticated simplicity and timeless elegance. Ikat yarns explores the technique that involves dying a yarn with multiple colours which produces beautiful effects, shading from one colour to another. Silky yarns has a richness as the multicoloured material is achieved by combining more than 8 different yarn colours to create a texture full of nuances. Raindrops and seaside print are both printed on a warp of fine viscose yarns and emphasize the beauty of this textile material, with Raindrop exhibiting a subtle metallization to evoke sparkling water drops. With several other luxury textured wallpapers found within it allows many possibilities in the world of interiors when combined with a colour palette ranging from earthy neutrals or refined pastels to intense and profound hues: Amber Reds, Medici and Cerulean Blues, Andover and Jade Greens, Graphite to Mineral Greys, Greiges and Shades of White. All wallcoverings are ecological, have a good light resistance and obtained the European fire rating B, s1-d0. They are supplied by the metre (width 90 or 91 cm). These textile wallcoverings on a non-woven backing are breathable, which makes them suitable for humid climates or environments, and with the printed rayon yarns they also carry a marine certificate, so they can be used on yachts and cruise ships. For most of the wallcoverings, railroad installation is also possible.
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