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Nina Campbell Lombardia Wallpapers

The Lombardia collection by Nina Campbell is a selection of elegant wallpapers inspired by the sophistication of Italian craftsmen, particularly those hailing from the province of Lombardia. Immerse your space in the refined beauty of Italian design with this exquisite collection.

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Nina Campbell Lombardia Wallpapers is a collection of elegant wallcoverings inspired by the style and finesse of Italian craftsmen. The Italian province of Lombardia was the region in which many of the great violin makers worked and has inspired this collection. A favoured pattern from the range is their Stradivari Wallpaper, a bold, ornate fretwork in monochrome that evokes the shape of a violin. Similar to Stradivari, the Amati design is a twin coloured mid-scale trellis inspired by an antique screen. Farfalla presents brilliantly coloured butterflies dart across a background of fern leaves. Bergonzi is a two colour paisley damask palmettes that alternate on contrasting grounds with a metallic or mica finish. Buy the complete range of Nina Campbell Lombardia Wallpaper online at TM Interiors Limited.