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Mind The Gap The Woodstock '69

The Woodstock '69 collection by Mind The Gap Wallpaper captures the magic of an era. Dive into a world of swirling colours, iconic music, and revolutionary vibes. With so many designs to choose from, like On The Stage an illustrative single line charts the twists and turns of an electric evening, echoing the sounds of strumming and singing, the clarity of the paint fading in and out to mirror the music with the vivid palette uplifting and adding energy to its neutral background. Not forgetting Woodstock was all about the music and behind the music lies the magic of the instrument, and the Harmony Wallpaper celebrates the form and beauty of the guitar, set amongst swirling abstract lines in psychedelic colours which emulate the dreamlike atmosphere of the festival itself. Festival Memories combines more instruments, and the eye is drawn to intricate details across this mind the gap wallpaper pattern, designed with both light and dark backgrounds encouraging you to party all through the day and night. So why not take a trip, with Psychedelia, referencing the freedom of expression through the Woodstock era, this print is for those who want to celebrate all forms of life, without limitation, allowing the vivacious print to command the eye and demand attention. This collection is a nod to bohemian and eclectic interiors, bringing the spirit of the '60s to life.

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