Mind The Gap The Wallpaper Compendium

Mind The Gap Wallpapers fourth wallpaper collection opens a new chapter in the eclectic world of the brand. A glorious new journey, exploring and rediscovering fabulous subjects and inspirational themes, all of which come together to create a giant aesthetic puzzle named The Wallpaper Compendium. The Compendium range launches with CUBANA, a story inspired by the Golden era of CUBA and features exotic designs like Havana, Cayo Largo, Palmera Cubana and Caribbean Garden. It also continues with Indigo Addiction, a colour-based collection inspired by MINDTHEGAP founder Stefan Ormenisan’s favourite hue. Botanical themes include Tropical Wanderlust, a verdant and densely detailed selection of palm-based designs, alongside the neo-classical romantic inspired Le Manoir and The Royal Garden. Bold and authentic, Origins pays homage to mankind’s great textile traditions while The Gentleman’s Corner tells the story of a gentleman traveller, wanderer and aesthete collection with his endless fascination for lost cultures and wonders of the world. Last but not the least, Imaginarium will transport you to magical lands with fauns, cherubs and mythological creatures while Revival celebrates the most impactful abstract shapes and patterns of the twentieth century and includes the Bittersweet abstract wallpaper design and many others. Combining new mural styles with traditional wallpaper repeats, the one-of-a-kind Wallpaper Compendium perfectly showcases MINDTHEGAP’s artistic identity, rooted in Transylvania’s diverse ethnic heritage and melting pot of culture, craft and tradition. With 113 wallpapers designs arranged in nine exuberant stories, The Wallpaper Compendium is a world of intriguing combinations, creativity and free spirit. Celebrating art, architecture, history, craft and cultures from around the world, the collection is a mix of styles and techniques, expressing the conceptual model of unity through diversity. Buy the full range of Mind The Gap’s wallpapers online.
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