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Mind The Gap The Transylvanian Manor Wallpaper

Mind The Gap The Transylvanian Manor Wallpaper range is a coordinated collection of wallpapers, homewares and fabrics paying homage to the region’s romantic heritage and history. Telling the story of sixteenth century Romanian nobility living in Bethlen Castle, The Transylvanian Manor’s classical royal motifs and ornamentation evoke the family’s grandly exuberant lifestyle, reimagining the legends and tales whispered along the castle’s walls and corridors. The collection holds nineteen beautiful and bold coloured patterned wallpapers, that include lavish painterly landscapes recreate the abundant Renaissance-style gardens, picturesque forests and mountains surrounding the ancient home, where extravagant flowers bloom and wild animals wander undisturbed. Their Royal Garden Wallpaper is a masterpiece design with stunning birds of Paradise illustrated on an idyllic background full of blooming branches. Or the Savage Leaves Green design which is a beautifully rich hand coloured wallpaper design showing detailed leaves and branches of a secular oak tree. The designs also include a vintage appeal with antique painted portraits, floral illustrations, and rich tapestries, all designed to be abundantly layered. Chinoiserie is a very delicate and classy wallpaper design featuring some French style Chinoiserie hand drawings made by Jean Pillement at the end of 18th century, and Imaginarium is a fanciful design displaying a world of mythical characters, Imaginarium portrays the unique beauty of some legendary creatures. The collection is both eclectic and decadent, and The Transylvanian Manor by Mind the Gap is online and available to buy.

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