Mind The Gap The Home of An Eccentric Man Wallpaper

Mind The Gap, The Home of An Eccentric Man Wallpaper collection tells the story of a global traveller with a lifelong passion for ethnography, anthropology, and archaeology. Fifteen unique designer wallpapers can be found within the range from traditional wallpapers to impressive murals. The designs cover everything and take inspiration from global textiles, from African mud cloth to Navajo weaving, the collection also displays neoclassical-style, and is a tribute to the cultural evolution and heritage of mankind. Bamana for example is a simple yet bold wallpaper pattern with handmade geometrical lines based on traditional African style mud cloth pattern. While Idube is a large-scale Zebra pattern and realistic fur texture paper design that reinforces the African theme. Inspiration for the design’s ranges from Zanzibar to Medina and Jaipur to the North American prairies. A truly eclectic collection for example their Statues design, is full of history and stunning details, which illustrates famous statues from the originals that can be seen at Musee Royale, the French royal museum. Intriguing and individual, the one-of-a-kind Mind the Gap wallpaper collection perfectly showcases the brands’ artistic identity exploring diverse ethnic heritage and melting pot of culture, craft, and tradition. Buy the full range of Mind the Gap Wallpaper online.

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