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Luxury wallpapers featuring Genuine hand inlaid Capiz shell tiles in different forms and shapes from the Maya Romanoff wallpaper studio taking luxury designer wallcoverings to a new level. These Mother of Pearl Wallcoverings have a stain resistant finish that is durable, cleanable and flexible. They have five design finishes Mother of Pearl the classic luxury look great for interior areas you want to add some highlight and shine to, use as a furniture inset, backsplash or in a display case. Mother of Pearl Aphrodite has a hand crafted veneer of layered, it differs from the standard design by featuring distinctive round Capiz shells. Mother of Pearl Chevron is as you would expect a design that follows the shape of Chevron design for perfectly side matches, and an interlocking installation. Mother of Pearl Mosaic takes the Capiz shells into a timeless one inch mosaic pattern to create a deeply dimensional luxury wallcovering. While Mother of Pearl on the Half Shell layers fragments of Capiz shell in an organic pattern to create a highly active, visually entrancing surfacing material. Luxury wallcoverings designed for high end interior spaces.