Maya Romanoff Beadazzled Wallpaper

An innovative glass bead wallcovering, Maya Romanoff Bedazzled Wallcovering comes in a number of different finishes creating a truly luxury wallpaper, carefully constructed and handcrafted with genuine glass beads, with such close attention to detail, to ensure that each panel reflects light beautifully. Bedazzled available in eight colour options featuring Glass beads on Non-woven backing. Beadazzled Leaf takes it further with artisans drawing with a repeating metal leaf motif akin to a work of art across each panel. Beadazzled Geode combines multiple sizes of glass beads to heighten visual drama with reflective and refractive qualities and is designed to resemble quartz. While Beadazzled Sparkle Geode takes things further with an added layer of sparkle that makes this diverse surfacing material even more eye catching. A Glass Bead Wallcovering that blazed a trail in the world of wallcovering design.
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