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Matthew Williamson Daydreams Wallpapers

Matthew Williamson's Daydreams collection takes inspiration from childhood daydreams and memories of a Californian road trip. These digitally printed wallpapers embody the innocence of daydreaming, offering a nostalgic and whimsical charm to your interiors.

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Matthew Williamson Wallpaper designs are always unique and full of vibrant patterns, and his latest Daydreams Wallpapers are no exception. Produced in association with Osborne and Little the collaboration continues to go from strength to strength, and this collection of digitally printed wallpapers was inspired by childlike daydreams and reminiscing over a Californian road trip. The title of his latest collection in 2020 is clearly evidence that this range of seven fabulous patterns are designed not only for the young and the young at heart but those with admiration for just beautiful brilliance. Always showing a passion for Tigers as can be seen in previous collections, the Tiger Grove Wallcovering has childlike impressions of a jungle come to life with roaming tigers, parrots and monkeys set against a dense and lush backdrop of palm and orange trees. Orange Grove on the other hand is reproduced without tigers, to be used alongside the original design or independently. Skye’s Garden has Floral blooms filled and tinted with soft inky watercolour tones in all shapes and sizes have been hand-drawn in the designers both fashion and interior design studio. Celestia looks upwards with a bold and dramatic skyscape dotted with hand-drawn golden stars to transport you to a magical and theatrical place. Most of the wallcoverings have been designed as three panels each 300cm (118ins) in length and 70cms (27½ins) wide, but please check product details for full information.