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Lelievre Premier Chapitre Wallpaper

Premier Chapitre by Lelievre Paris is an odyssey into the realm of pattern, material, and texture. This collection explores the iconic motifs of Lelievre's archives with innovative techniques that bring walls to life. It's a narrative of elegance and exploration, perfect for interiors that command uniqueness and style. Explores the floral scape of Figari a wallpaper inspired by designs from the iconic Maquis tapestry tradition, the design features delicate botanical references, printed on a canvas-effect waffle background. While Palmeraie has an elegant design featuring interwoven palms, and the flocked pattern resembles a sheared velvet relief against a brightly coloured background. Carrare on the other hand takes its inspiration from polished marble\'s veined surface and tones feature a mother-of-pearl sheen that highlights the pattern to great effect. Each piece in the collection is a blend of tradition and innovation, designed to complement Lelievres exquisite fabric collections and to make a statement that is both bold and timeless.

Lelievre Premier Chapitre Wallpaper
Lelievre Premier Chapitre Wallpaper
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