Jim Thompson The Scarlet Letter Wallpaper

Jim Thompson The Scarlet Letter Wallpapers collection were all designed from the discriminating eye of Jim Thompson and from his love of amazing beautiful objects which has emerged as a treasure trove of fine art. He has gifted us with an abundance of riches and it is from this eclectic assortment that O Beholding has sought inspiration. The Aragon Wallpaper, a dramatic and jazzy pattern in a large 140cm single repeat, it is a very powerful pattern which gives an exercise in contrasting colours. One of the designs of the collection is also the Caspia Wallpaper an interesting wall covering that possesses a linear texture, which comes in three principal colours and adds depth to any neutral surroundings. Cedros Wallpaper design features a beautiful bonsai and is a perfect miniature rendition of the magnificent Cedar tree. Please also check the most sophisticated wallpaper of the collection, the Chaparral Wallcovering. It is an exquisite rendition of life in rural Thailand the lush vegetation, the children lazing under the trees and the fantastical birds flying overhead. It comes in three distinctive colours, rose gold, a cool grey and pewter, the addition of the mica ground elevates an already breathtaking design. Browse online the full collection of The Scarlet Letter Wallpapers which are available to buy.
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