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Pagoda and Palms is the first and long awaited collection of exuberant wallpapers from No.9 Thompson. Richard Smith has chosen some of his favourite, classic No.9 fabrics and reinterpreted them as wallpapers. The Bamboozle design gets its name from the fact that it looks like it has been confidently painted with traditional Chinese ink and brush, and because the giant disjointed stripes of bold colour are reminiscent of bamboo. Thick white strokes of paint on a soft blue ground and gold on chocolate are just two of the exciting and dramatic colourways. The collection includes also the Butterfly House Wallpaper pattern. Inspired by the decoration on an eighteenth-century Chinese porcelain snuff-box, Richard's original watercolour sketches are beautifully reproduced as an extra wide-width wallpaper, sold by the meter. Another stunning model of the collection is the Hexastripe Wallpaper. Taken from the interlocking shapes of Chinese paving stones, the original design, much imitated since its launch in 2009, was printed on a heavy linen. The interplay of overlaid colours has the vibrancy and excitement of looking through a kaleidoscope. Among the 11 designs available in the collection you can also find the Shanghai Stripe Wallpaper whose pattern was inspired by a border from a Chinese Deco carpet. All five of the colourways have a soft metallic detail, which makes the design sparkle.