Jim Thompson House On The Klong Wallpaper

Jim Thompson House On The Klong Wallpapers source their inspiration from the moment when Jim Thompson decided to build his house on a canal in Bangkok in the 1950's, a small architectural treasure, which he called his House on the Klong. The collection features seven stunning patterns, among them the amazingly graceful Imari Wallpaper a pattern that was inspired by traditional Japanese hand-made paper with silver and is all about depth and texture with splashes of metallic silver tones bringing the fern stems to life. Then there is Jims Dream Wallpaper, design that was taken from one of Jim Thompson's favorite paintings in the House, while alongside his dream is the Monsoon Wallpaper pattern that offers the Mekong texture contrasting with bold satin stripes. Byzance is also included, which is a damask design that boasts large European trailing flowers that appear to be woven with an ikat technique. The ikat motif is taken from the classic 19th Century Central Asian "flower in vase". Explore the entire collection of Jim Thompson House On The Klong Wallcoverings which are available to buy at TM Interiors Limited for all you home furnishing needs.
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