Harlequin Salinas Wallpaper

Introduce an air of 1920's sophistication to glamourous interiors with the latest Harlequin Salinas Wallpaper, a stunning collection of nine elegant wallpapers in an indulgent array of colours. Incorporate some of the 1920’s indulgence into your home interior with some of these designs, while not specifically Art Deco wallpapers although Selo is a strong honeycomb design that does not look out of place for that era. The other eight designs focus in on flora and tropical delights aside from the self-titled Salinas that features flamingos surface printed for a hand painted look, which adds a characterful twist to statement walls with its chalky ground and metallic bulrush highlights. Other high lights in the collection include Coppice a gorgeous trailing floral leaf that has been recoloured with central metallic highlights bring a touch of glamour to this classic original 1920s archive piece. Sebal is where glorious chrysanthemum flowers combine with delicate metallic highlights on the bloom for a classy wallpaper. Lustica also has an intricate little crackle on the petals and glamorous metallic detail on the leaves, which combined with a chalky base and hand drawn edging, with on trend colours that evoke a luxurious feel. While Salon is a striking feature wallpaper in gold and platinum colourways that have a luxurious metallic ground which catches the light beautifully. So explore these nine designs in Salinas which has everything from minerals and metallics to jewel-like tones with gilver highlights, these hand-drawn floral trails, characterful flamingos and bold geometrics introduce a luxurious deco feel.

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