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Harlequin Momentum 6 Wallpapers

Harlequin's Momentum 6 collection presents a beautiful contrast of architectural elements and the subtleties of nature. Inspired by close-up interpretations of organic forms, these wallpapers are enhanced with luxurious hues of precious metals, capturing the tones of the natural world. Complementary upholstery and drapes collections are also available.

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The Harlequin Momentum Wallpaper series moves forward once again with another launch in the AW of 2019. A collection of eight designs that feature close up interpretations of organic forms that diffuse against smooth lines in Momentum 6 from Harlequin, a wallpaper collection where architectural elements and the subtleties of nature entwine to provide a striking, glamourous contrast. Iridescent shells are given a luxurious twist in Tessen where a Mother of pearl inspires the shimmering iridescent beauty seen in the ground of this paper as a chalky grit overlays the design, bringing a textural element to contemporary interiors. Elliptic With its inky appearance, soft shimmer and metallic highlights and overlapping shapes create this colourful tower representative of stacking stones. Lamina standouts with a metallic grit that gives a raised textured effect to highlight the designs delicate detail of a glorious representation of overlapping butterfly wings layer to create this unique and elegant wallpaper. Hakone is also a stunning striped wallpaper with softly coloured sophisticated stripes of that offer the ultimate in versatility, that can be hung either vertically or horizontally. As can Suzuri that features wide expressive brush marks contrasting against striking metallic layers to create a fine contemporary wallpaper. All of the Momentum wallcoverings have been given a twist with texture and have been coloured to capture the tones and hues of the natural world.