Harlequin Mirador Wallpaper

Harlequin Mirador Wallpapers has a glorious, chilled-out vibe. The Mirador wallpaper range is inspired by stunning panoramic vistas and the glamorous interiors of sun-kissed villas perched high upon Ibizan hills and through that inspiration comes eight designs to create an irresistible range of wallpapers for adventurous home interiors. The named is after the Spanish word for 'lookout' and look out you do when you come faced with the floral delight of Mitende where large scale sketchy palms fan out across this rotary printed design in a relaxed hand drawn look, or Ananda another fantastic floral wallpaper again hand drawn but this time in pen and watercolour, highlighting a beautiful contemporary wallpaper design that is adorned with stylised blissful tropical flowers in soft colour palette. Some talking point designs come in the form of the Zebra wallpaper design Nirmala which uses specialist inks to emphasise the charming detail of the design, introducing a glamourous look to the home and a unique style to contemporary interiors. There is also Lengau which is an amazing piece of artwork where a lounging leopard reclines on his throne of tropical foliage, flanked by a characterful chameleon and an endearing lemur. The Mirador wallpaper collection takes several Spanish and African influences that end up coming alive in eye-catching inspirational designs, that opens up a potential treasure trove of international style for your home interiors and living spaces. Buy the full range online.

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