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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times. Green lifestyle choices are becoming very important: safe and healthy food, eco-friendly transportation… Even in home decoration, people are looking for sustainable options. At Masureel, we create eco-friendly solutions for a greener home. Masureel has always been concerned about the planet. Even in the 1980’s, when hardly anyone worried about pollution or climate change, we were developing PVC-free products. In our search for sustainable solutions, we became market leader in nonwoven, water-based textile wallcoverings. Our new Greenwall I products are even better: they contain no PVC, but have all the advantages of traditional vinyl wallcoverings. They are strong, ecological and very easy to clean, even with water. At Masureel, we merge fresh, modern designs with sustainable resources and practices. With our new products, we bridge the gap between art, industry, and sustainability. In the next few years, we hope to evolve towards a fully sustainable chain, with sustainable manufacturing processes and bio-based, compostable raw materials.