GPJ Baker Signature II Wallpaper

GP & J Baker Signature Wallpapers II continue to celebrate the company's fantastic heritage with some of its most beautiful and iconic designs. All but one of these GP and J Baker wallpapers are taken from the vault of designs to collate a collection that houses ten rather traditional wallpaper designs, perfect for anyone seeking a tradition interior design style or country town house theme. Such favourites as Emperor's Garden which features lavish floral of peonies in full bloom with cherry blossom entwining fruit and birds of paradise has been skilfully translated into this exquisite new version of the design. Which can be found aside their hugely successful Hydrangea Bird design which still as popular over a hundred years later having been painted in 1917 by William Turner. Inspired by a fragment of Chinese wallpaper dating from the late 18th century it depicts majestic pheasants in an exotic flowering tree. The other designs have all been enhanced with a glorious colour palette that ranges from verdant green, Chinese yellow, rich teal antique pink, carmine and bronze to a cooler delft blue all balanced by sophisticated neutrals. There is one stunning new addition’s from its renowned archive, and that is the Chifu Wallpaper design which is a dramatic Chinoiserie design of swirling dragons, formalised clouds and branches laden with blooms is based on an 18th century Chinese imperial dragon robe. Buy the full range of GP & J Baker wallpaper online.

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