GPJ Baker David Hicks By Ashley Hicks Wallpaper

David Hicks Wallpaper for GP and J Baker is collection of geometric wallpaper that thrives on the design ethos of a British interior, and wallpaper designer David Hicks. GP and J Baker have, with the help of his son Ashley Hicks, reproduced some of his designs that defined an era, that moved away from the aesthetics of country house design and moved to more form of geometric wallpaper and designs. Study the form of the Hicksonian wallpaper, and La Fiorentina including La Fiorentina small, and Navajo and you will see how much geometric wallpaper is placed in this collection by GP and J Baker. Of course stylised floral wallpaper and damask wallpaper is still included but the basis, or the sum of the whole, lies in the geometric designs favoured by David Hicks.

GP and J Baker also at the same time released the David Hicks by Ashely Hicks fabrics collection which feature various cut velvets, printed linens and textured fabrics in many of the same designs seen here on the wallpapers, all available from us.

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