Elitis Washi Wallpaper

Elitis Washi Wallpapers tells the story of a country, and where traditions endure through the ages. Ancient gestures are used today to create new uses for this savoir-faire mixture of Elitis wallcoverings. A total of six designs fill this unique range of wallpapers, mixed plant fibres become pulp and then paper. Patterns devour leaves, allowing glimpses of shades of colors and reflections of golden metal. All of the designs are made in France and with such names Les baguettes de masako, Les vingt et un royaumes, Dessins dans le sable, Contes de pluie et de lune, Splendeurs d'une favorite, La chambre des kimonos the country is honoured. Washi wallcoverings are an immersion into the heart of a maze of strange designs or a flight to the clouds from which the dreamer watches for the Levant. These wallcoverings are sold by the meter in 126 cm (50'') wide width format and with permanent fire resistant qualities. Ideal for residential or commercial projects.

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