Elitis Tempo Wallpaper

With the Elitis Tempo Wallpaper range are Stripes distilling their rhythmic chords in the summer heat. At the sound of maracas, they stand still for a moment in their pas-de-deux, showing off their rich colours, then restarting even faster, they wrap themselves around you until dawn. The stripe is basically a musical of Michel Pastoureau, Stripes A history of stripes and striped fabrics. Explore the designs of Sirtaki a large format horizontal tie & dye panoramic alongside such cool and contemporary stripes of Curcaracha and Carioca. You can also find the Fandango in the range if you wanted too. All designs are non-woven wallpapers, and sold in rolls of 70cm width x 10m long. Elitis always recommend you consult the hanging instructions included with each roll.

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