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Elitis Peace Wallpapers features four designs that bring a unique fashions to your walls and in effect home interiors. The designs are featured in Elitis Peace Wallcoverings are magnified, taking on amazing forms. The grains of virtual wood as seen in the Wood Wallpaper design, punctuated with random graphics, ramble across the textured walls. Chunky knit by way of their Touch wallcovering, unravels verticals, led by giant hands. In subtle interplay, light and shadows chase each other, slaloming down geometric scales with their aboriginal geometry led design of Vibrato, while soft petal like shapes Cascade on your walls. The Peace wallcoverings range offers 3d effect to give your home interior walls some real definition and added depth. These Elitis wallpapers are sold by the meter in wide width 124cm (49") format, each has acoustic properties and they are all made in France.