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Face to face with astounding works in a contemporary art gallery. First, a moment of wonder, in the presence of these foreign materials and textured abstractions. Gradually, the painter’s movements are revealed through the hatching, streaks, and scratches of a painting that vibrates under its lacquered light. On other creations, a shiny satin sculpted by laser reveals its layers and matt crevices, like a new material, surprising, soft, random, and whose reality, invented by the visual artist, seems to escape us. Mouvements explores two ultra-innovative digital techniques, PVC free 3D printing and laser engraving. Each allows new effects, which surprise and unsettle our senses. The first deposits its ink along a few millimeters in height, its glossy aspect standing out from the matt background while offering volume that can be felt to the touch. For the second, the laser cuts silky satin in its thickness, revealing other facets of its material, more matt, while also unveiling a mysterious relief.