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Raffia embraces a pop and colourful imaginary world. In this graphic vision, it follows the rhythm of the sun as it passes through the large geometric windows of a vast contemporary villa. Its light sets the tempo to the shimmering water and crosses the lush foliage of mango trees to project its shapes onto immense volumes of concrete. An urban oasis chock-full of harmonies where bold colour schemes compose and recompose their ideas of design and art. This 100% natural fibre collection shows raffia in a new light. In contrast to its more “raw” signature incarnations, it expresses a very contemporary universe where the inspirations of painters and great architects mingle through a resolutely graphic approach: geometric layouts. Motivated by the layout work found in Essence de Bois, we composed these real puzzles piece by piece, positioning and repositioning the cut-outs at will to create dense, graphic, and rich imaginary universes. The workshop to which we have entrusted the manufacturing performs incredible workmanship on each creation, by hand, element by element.