Elitis Memoires Wallpaper

A sequel to Natives, 8 new designs with a warm feel. The panther, the zebra and the lion are the lords of Africa where we begin our collection. The skins are adorned with flock or metal (Parure VP 658), morph and become rugs (Kilim VP 654 and Totem VP 657), or are printed on leather (Masai VP 695). The plain range (Movida VP 625) is revamped with shimmering metallic glints and changing inks colours. Most of these wallcoverings come in Rolls if 70 cm x 10 m however the great Lion wallpaper of King (VP 659) is a digital print and a large panoramic printed on Bois. Remember to always consult the hanging instructions from Elitis included with each roll.

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