Elitis Kandy Wallpaper

As coming from another century and preserved in time, Elitis Kandy wallpapers remain. Eight wallpaper designs in total including a full panoramic 3 m x 3 m - 3.28 yd. x 3.28 yd. of the design Time will tell where excessive scratching is ink on silk. Other designs like Brit Pop and Are you passionate standout in the collection. Just imagine walking bare feet on a floor covered with white sheets. There, dyers distil peels of pomegranate, turmeric and hibiscus to create the most beautiful yellows. Just a drop of indigo and deep greens appears while madder and rusted metal will give birth to blacks. Silk is here a mythical item. Sun light will play with it to reveal its various pigments along the seasons. That is the Kandy wallpaper range. These Wallpapers are heavy vinyl on paper backing, with the majority being sold by the Roll of 10m x 1m. Please always consult the Elitis Wallpaper hanging instructions included with each roll.

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