Elitis Essences de bois Wallpaper

Elitis Essences de bois wallcovering explore the nature of real wood wallcoverings, and these three textured wood wallpaper designs showcase a variation of wood species, capturing their very nature from Black Walnut, Tibetan cherry, Scotch elm, Siberian larch. If you are searching for reclaimed wood wallpaper then these three designs are ideal as each composition is made from recycled wood, and of course within that natural variants can and do occur which means each product is therefore unique and individual to itself. Cassia has a neat wood block effect that covers different grains of wood on display creating a truly stunning wood grain wallpaper for walls. These wood wallpaper for walls are thin enough and flexible to turn corners and wrap around columns due to the production process and also creates a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional wood panelling as the wood is recycled. High end luxury wood wallpaper selected by interior designs and architects for the best residential and commercial projects. Discover the Essences de bois wallpapers online and available to buy.

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