Elitis Eldorado Wallpaper

Elitis Eldorado wallpapers is almost like a discovery of an unknown island. Nonchalant influences exude from an artist's studio, a seaside cabin and painted wood permeating the atmosphere. Textured wallcoverings such as raffia weavings, abaca bark and driftwood make up the Eldorado wallpaper ranges. With six designs in the collection there is much to explore like Sauvage a watercolour fresco on wood with a 3 m x 3 m panoramic feel where as other designs in the collection like Isola are sold by the roll and 1 m wide-width. Real effects of plant materials inspired by artistic expression which knows no limits. Caress the authenticity of their reliefs, soak up the rich pigments that bring them to life. Eldorado is a dream come true, and its natural energy, a true treasure. Embossed vinyl wallpaper, sold by the roll 1 m x 10 m rolls.

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