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Elitis reinvents the Big croco and Anguille designs moving further forward and into the lines of art and fashion. The leather-effect imprints come alive with a precious combination of subtle shades, metallic highlights and bold solids to produce luxury wallpaper with a difference. Texture variations are upstaged by truly captivating colors. Big Croco offers the patina of aged leather or precious metallic highlights. Anguille hypnotizes with new designs and delicate patchworks, a true colour palette of shimmering hues, metallic tones or matte solids. The collection also houses three Panoramic or mural effect wallpapers that explore the extraordinary botanical world in their own unique way, slightly naïve yet abstract. Lost in Plantation is a very vibrant and interesting big leaf design that is destined as a statement wallcovering. California has abstract leaves falling over the paper design. Waiting for Eve is a playful piece of art capturing foliage and trees in a simplified way. All come in 3m x 3m rolls or are available as custom sizes to create a mural effect on your wall.