Designers Guild Caprifoglio Wallpaper

Designers Guild Caprifoglio Wallpapers is all about liberating open skies, layered floral looks, and distressed damasks to use in your home interiors. The range features very layered looks for your walls, set against subtle frescos, and the distressed plaster of a walled garden, or liberating open skies. The open sky so beautiful and expressive they couldn't resist making it a digitally-printed wallpaper design all its own. An antique distressed damask catches the eye with its invigorating contemporary colouring, and informal stripe. The Caprifoglio Wallpaper collection also demonstrates the versatility of a Designers Guild floral whether a blushing multicolour for captivating effect, or one of many restrained palettes including spacious leaf patterns, glittering antique garland columns which create a stripe with a difference, or their staggering wide-width Caprifoglio panels for maximum freedom. An in demand design from this range is the Designers Guild Roseto Wallpaper which is a blushing rose garden alive with jubilant colouring and gorgeous hand-painted impressionistic flourish. Another well liked design from the wallpaper range is the Designers Guild Tulipani Wallpaper which features a graceful garden botanical of tulips and ferns, in decadent rich multicolours with muted modern backgrounds. All on easy-hanging, durable, washable, non-woven grounds, available to buy online at TM Interiors Limited.

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