Designers Guild Alexandria Wallpapers

Designers Guild Alexandria Wallpapers collection contain extraordinary shaded damasks and flocks, florals and plaster effects. The collection draws inspiration from the classic arabesque patterns and colourful floral designs of kashgar and samarkand so that these wallpapers create stunning backdrops to any home interiors scheme. It introduces a beautiful antiqued ombre shaded damask, a very versatile shaded flock, punchy vivacious printed florals and a stunning metallic plaster effect, making these designs ideal for use in statement walls. Passing European flame retardant standards make these designs fit for both contract and domestic use. Buy the full range of Alexandria Wallpapers online at TM Interiors Limited. A prominent pattern from the collection is the Designers Guild Rasetti Wallpaper where the vibrant Rasetti design of a plaster and layered effect is on a non-woven paper.

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