Cole & Son Fornasetti Senza Tempo Wallpaper

Welcome to the latest Cole and Son Fornasetti wallpaper collection that incorporates the miraculous and detailed hand of the maestro, with the skilled craftsmanship and artistry of the Cole & Son design studio to produce the latest enduring collection of fanciful wallpapers where time and brilliance have no bounds. The Fornasetti Senza Tempo range packages his most favourite and timeless designs into one collection of eighteen distinguished and recognisable patterns, that captures the wit, originality and boundless realm of visual language: from fantastical flying machines and mischievous monkeys, to classical architecture and the surreal appeal of everyday objects. Cocktails appears new and anyone with a penchant for a good knees up may like this as stylized mid-century graphic bottles of liquor and glassware were created in a vibrant Multi colour palette, and other colour options, the repeated design is derived from an ice bucket design entitled Oggetti Cocktail created by the man himself in the 1950s. Lush citrus fruits that you may just want to be freshly squeeze when you come face to face with the strong repeat of Mediterranean citrus fruits seen in the Arance wallpaper design that appeared originally on the tray Fette d'arancia in the 1950s. The whole Cole & Son Fornasetti wallpaper collection showcases the intricacies and reoccurring curiosities of the artist's fascination, and explore the unique realm of these authentic works specially reproduced for the ultimate in statement wallpapers.

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