Cole & Son Botanical Botanica Wallpaper

Cole and Son Botanical Botanica wallpapers helps discover a seasonal exploration of the English landscape, from the captivating beauty of cultivated gardens, to the enchanting allure of rolling meadows and wild woodlands Botanical Botanica studies the magnificent transformation of nature throughout the seasons. Colour palettes are also inspired by the ever-changing landscape with the pastel promise of early spring and dazzling vibrancy of summer hues, through to the autumnal tones of turning leaves and crisp, cool colours of frosted winter, the garden provides a plethora of palettes to suit a vast range of interior styles and settings. The collection houses the design Forest a large-scale design, intricately hand-painted with fantastical trees and where the dappled light traverses through far off branches as the dense ground cover emits the warm and welcoming woodland scene a must see. Lilac and Wisteria capture much-loved blooms including the headily perfumed perennials. Their Lilac Grandiflora Wallpaper is a must have in that they have cultivated spring-flowering Lilac Syringa vulgaris floral into a large-scale, arresting design in a punchy Magenta & Blush on smoky Charcoal retaining the texture of blooms abundant in foliage. Other blooms within the collection include native beauties such as their Sweet Pea, Bluebell and Rose wallpaper designs. Consider the innate Rose Wallpaper design, not your normal rose design as this charming ogee trail with sumptuous, budding bouquets is surrounded by fern fronds, creating a richly organic, delicately detailed motif and this quintessentially English pairing has been reimagined in unexpected, contemporary palettes for added impact. While their Woodland Wallpaper design explores the depths of an enchanting Woodland where light and shade play amongst the expansive canopy alongside creatures great and small, and have taken this scene to create a rich tapestry design, large in scale and engrossing in detail, in archival tones of vivid Coral, contrasted with understated Olive & Charcoal. Also be sure to explore the delicate foliage of Fern and Maidenhair, as the collection celebrates the remarkable diversity and innate beauty of the garden. Cole & Son Botanical Botanica helps bring the mesmerizing beauty and colourful charm of mother nature possibly into your home with 15 original wallpapers hand crafted by the articulate Cole & Son design studio in the UK.

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