Clarke and Clarke Animalia Wallpaper

Clarke and Clarke Animalia Wallcoverings features intricate hand-drawn jungle scenes that are brought to life with extended use of bold fashion colouring and metallic highlights. Anyone familiar with other brands of designer wallcoverings will recognise these designs from a style associated with a fashion designer Matthew someone. The Tigris design features some angry looking tiger tigers in a similar vein to the aforementioned fashion designers original works back in 2013. However, don’t let this put you off exploring this lively range of non-woven wallpaper that has in total 8 striking designs, depicting dramatic colours and emphasising the intensity of the jungle. The Amazon Wallpaper design is a powerful pattern featuring all manner of items in the composition and will sure bring life to any feature wall where used. Each design is available in either approx. four or five colourways to give your choice when selecting for your individual home interior and style. These can also be used in conjunction with the Animalia Fabric range or as a vibrant choice for statement walls and home décor schemes.
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