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Casamance Square Jasmin Wallpaper

The Square Jasmin collection by Casamance epitomizes refined luxury, merging the sophistication and subtle details that characterize designer wallpapers. Jasmin opens the collection with sophisticated lines, reflecting a serene water garden in a Parisian mansion designed by Hector Guimard, using sandy and metallic inks to highlight the delicate foliage and reveal the transient beauty of nature. Dauphine illuminates with its botanical theme and authentic hand-made look, creating the illusion of freshly-painted flowers with metallic inks adding exquisite highlights. Hector, inspired by the eponymous figure of French Art Nouveau, is a testament to elegant patterns created with metallic lacquer to give subtle texture to lines seemingly worn over time, adding a touch of historical elegance. Auteuil combines graphic elegance and deep colors to portray the luxury of its namesake district, the metallic lacquer reflecting the architectural beauty of the renowned greenhouses. Every piece in this collection is a symphony of detail, texture, and color, making them ideal choices for transforming living spaces, bedrooms, or any area in need of a touch of opulence and artistic sophistication, proving that luxury and elegance are indeed in the details.

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