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Casamance Printemps Viennois

Printemps Viennois is a refined collection deeply influenced by the Vienna Secession, the pivotal movement evolving into Art Nouveau. This assortment is irrefutably modern, fusing architecture and design, presenting simplified shapes, stylized organic patterns, and geometric shapes softened with curves, heightened by the details in metallic inks. It breathes understated elegance and rationality, reminiscent of a spring in Vienna. The Gustav design, with its stylized ornamental elegance and fluid movement, pays homage to Gustav Klimt, offering exquisite contrasts through iriodin and metallic lacquer films. Otto, recalling the functionalism advocated by Otto Wagner, displays alternating luster and matte depths in its palmette wallpaper. Majoliques echoes the harmony of Vienna Secession style, swirling vegetation around stylized birds and illuminating small flowers with metallic ink, reflecting the floral facade of Majolikahaus. Lastly, Franz, named after Franz Messner, showcases a micro-pattern of seemingly undirected dots forming graceful curves with a subtle metallic sheen. These versatile designs are perfect for interiors inspired by Art Nouveau, Modern, and even Contemporary design, complementing spaces that seek a harmonious blend of elegance, functionality, and stylized organic forms. They adeptly infuse a touch of historical artistic movements into modern settings, achieving a balanced and sophisticated aesthetic.

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