Casamance Naturals Wallpaper

Casamance Naturals Wallcoverings are just that natural wallpapers or textured wallpapers designed to dress your walls with natural fabrics. Seven designs which have different looks as the linen background is either embroidered, perforated, or metallised in soft tones and low-key designs. The Monarque Wallpaper design draws the most attention with its large pattern motif, inspired by the wings of a butterfly it really creates a statement wallcovering to behold, available in three natural colour options. Papilio with its tight geometric wallpaper pattern also grabs attention in this pack of natural wallpapers. The Casamance Natural wallpaper range will help cover walls with a beautifully textured paper to create ephemeral beauty wherever used in an home interior space, each design comes in various colour options for a sophisticated look.
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