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Casamance Mouvements Wallpapers

The Mouvements collection by Casamance reimagines the dynamics of colour and shape, influenced by the beauty of abstract art. Organic shapes, a variety of textures, and large-scale designs characterize this collection. The pieces exude creative energy, taking cues from the artist's freedom to shape and colour the world in unique ways, resulting in compositions that engage the senses.

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The Casamance Movements Wallpaper range brings together colours and shapes to create a stunning decorative collection. Each design in this range is inspired by the beauty of abstract art, showcasing organic shapes, a variety of textures, and the scale of the designs. There is a creative strength that radiates from each design, borrowing the artist’s freedom to shape and colour the world in their own unique way. Each composition appeals to the senses and is filled with remarkable energy. Wassily Kandinsky called his works of art “improvisations”. Constantly searching for the abstract, he composed his canvases by arranging symbols and colours with no apparent order. This artist’s vision paved the way for VASSILY, a composition in which colours and shapes come together in motion on a canvas grain. Created using soft or strong colours depending on the version, the planes of colours are enriched by superb textures. The ALEXANDER design is inspired by the singular universe of the inventor of mobile sculpture, Alexander Calder, founder of kinetic art. His delicate and mobile structures moving in the wind inspired Casamance for this design. ALEXANDER presents a tangle of perfectly balanced lines on a textured grain. It is available in a range of beautifully matte shades, almost like traditional whitewash. The GINO design exudes softness and light, inspired by organic shapes in different textures, water coloured and then cut-out before being reassembled. On a grain suggesting an artist’s canvas, this composition recalls the work of Gino Severini. In his art, Severini liked to decompose the stages of movement using a succession of shapes. Inspired by the work of Delaunay and her fantastic exploration into colour, SONIA covers the canvas with the vibrancy of its shades. On a delicate grain, a geometric pattern displays its extravagance with a range of textures. This bold design, inspired by the husband and wife artists Robert and Sonia Delaunay, is available in four colours. Auguste Herbin gave meaning to the abstract by creating similarities between shapes and colours. He specialised in geometrical painting, made up of shapes within planes of colour. The Modelage panoramic wallpanel has been reduced in scale to create AUGUSTE. The grain of this paper is beautifully matte, suggesting an artist’s canvas. Created by the Casamance design studio in gouache on modelling paste, worked using serrated knives, AUGUSTE displays surprising textures and volumes. The Casamance Movements Wallpaper range provides a stunning collection of designs, perfect for adding a touch of creativity and energy to any space.