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Casmance Golfe Du Bengale Wallpaper

Welcome to the world of Golfe Du Bengale, a luxurious wallpaper collection by the renowned brand Casamance. Evoking the beauty and diversity of the expansive Indian Ocean bay, this collection perfectly combines tropical inspiration with outstanding texture. Golfe Du Bengale is a tribute to the untouched splendour of the bay, capturing its verdant vegetation and the harmonious fusion of modern and traditional cultures.

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The Golfe Du Bengale collection from Casamance is an ideal representation of the brand's commitment to crafting extraordinary designer wallpapers that not only catch the eye but also transform spaces. Every design within this opulent collection is a unique homage to the captivating beauty of the Indian Ocean's massive bay, brimming with lush vegetation and an intriguing blend of cultures. Notable designs include the foliage-inspired Madhuca, the soft-hued Neluwa reflecting nature's beauty, the enchanting Peradeniya reminiscing the largest garden in Sri Lanka, and Zostera that mimics the appearance of hand-woven seagrass fibres. Immerse yourself in a visual journey through Sri Lanka's diverse landscapes with Carioca, a design that captures the Brazilian “joie de vivre” with its vivid colours and woven straw grain. Drawing from the natural texture of seagrass, Peradeniya magically recreates the array of natural shades and the entrancing smells, encapsulating the essence of the sea in a tangible form. Lastly, the Zostera design resembles hand-woven and glued seagrass fibres. Available in eight natural shades, Zostera ensures there's a perfect colour for every home, reflecting the multifaceted nature of our natural environment. Discover the versatility of our Zostera design, adding a touch of coastal charm to your living space. All these designs are crafted from vinyl, renowned for its durability and easy maintenance. They are sold by the roll, offering effortless installation. The Golfe Du Bengale collection is the perfect choice for those wanting to incorporate the spirit of the tropics within their living spaces, adding a hint of modern and bohemian allure. Luxury wallcoverings like these are what transforms a simple dwelling into a stylish and cosy home. Experience the extraordinary world of luxury wallpapers with the Golfe Du Bengale collection by Casamance, where your imagination can run wild.