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Casadeco Oxford Wallpapers

The Oxford collection breathes life into spaces with its meticulously detailed flower prints, lush delicacy, and geometric elegance, all in an array of artfully arranged elements reminiscent of the timeless beauty of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the influence of William Morris. It’s a pursuit of unmatched aesthetic, achieved with unrivaled craftsmanship and precision. The stylized flora in modern hues are accentuated with iridescent inks and shimmering metal-leaf accents, lending an extraordinarily soft and textured feel. Jane embodies a sophisticated and vibrant femininity with finely drawn irresistible flowers and beautifully curved leaves, showcasing the exquisite detailing of Art Nouveau influence. Walter Irise, with its rounded shapes and imaginative designs, paints a fairytale landscape rich with glossy ink or metal-leaf prints and complemented by a beautiful matching jacquard fabric for coordinated decoration. Elizabeth, generous and flirtatious, features lustrous and finely cut leaves in a protective embrace around delicate shoots, offering coordination possibilities with a namesake beautiful jacquard for cushions, armchairs, seating, or curtains. This collection is versatile, lending itself well to spaces adorned in modern elegance, classic charm, and refined sophistication, harmonizing particularly well with interiors that embrace detailed artistic expression and soft, modern colors.

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