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Casadeco Arts & Crafts Wallpapers

In the illustrious Arts & Crafts collection by Casadeco, the legacy of the late 19th-century Art & Crafts movement spearheaded by William Morris is beautifully revived, blending floral boldness with timeless uniqueness. This collection is a paradoxical play of vibrant classics and refined modernity, aiming to reinterpret the richness of historical arts in contemporary settings. The Acanthe wallpaper represents a homage to the sculptural elegance of the Middle Ages, featuring nine distinctive shades including whites, pinks, and blues, and adding a modern touch with two negative variations, presenting cut-out foliage embellished with iridescent filigrane, enhancing the beauty of Corinthian and Baroque inspirations. Symphorine, with its seemingly conservative and vintage appearance, conceals subtly iridescent outlines of berries and leaves, infusing spaces with a sophisticated charm. Isabella, paying homage to the classic Arts & Crafts movement, unfolds a vibrant medley of opulent peonies, reticent dahlias, luminous berries, and distinctive acanthus leaves, transporting one to a lively flower meadow caressed by the breeze, resonating with natural movement and fluidity. Lastly, Archibald, iconic in its floral richness, orchestrates a symphony of leaves, stems, and flowers, creating a living tapestry enriched by matte paper and available in nine refined colors, ranging from subtle to striking contrasts. This collection is an embodiment of refined versatility, suitable for eclectic, traditional, and modern interior design styles, providing a timeless aesthetic appeal and unique flair to any space.

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