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Borastapeter Woodland Wallpapers

Dive into the enchanting embrace of the Borastapeter Woodland Wallpaper collection, meticulously crafted to mirror the untouched allure of Nordic nature. The Woodland Stripe seamlessly merges timeless stripe design with a contemporary grey and blue palette, while its linen texture exudes a touchable Scandi serenity. Northern Forest, steeped in rich autumn hues set against a midnight blue, offers a panoramic view of dense fir and deciduous trees, epitomizing the majesty of Scandinavian woodlands. With muted forest green tones, the Pine Tree design captures the tranquil beauty of pine clusters, evoking the essence of dense Nordic forests. Lastly, Fern Forest stands out with its vivid floral tapestry painted in summery blues, greens, creams, and beiges, providing a rejuvenating backdrop. Together, these wallpapers blend seamlessly into Scandi, Country, and Bohemian interiors, enriching them with nature's sublime elegance, find you preferred backdrop.

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